Yuba College Nursing


TEAS Dates with Room for exam: 


All Bldg 2100 – Room 2131

9:00 am – 1:00 pm








Immunization Requirement: All Nursing students that are selected to the Nursing program  are now required to obtain titers lab reports for the following:
HEP B/Varicella/MMR
The result must state "positive/immune" or "reactive" and submission of lab reports will be required at the time of enrollment.  If a lab report does not show these results an official letter from your primary care provider that the immunizations, boosters and titers will not show immunity will be accepted.  If there are questions, please check with your primary care provider.
For Students applying at Yuba College- TEAS Exam will be accepted one (1) time per year.   If you wish to take the TEAS Exam a second time within a year, you will need to make an appointment with the Director of Nursing.

The following is information related to the selection process for students.

  1. For Students applying to Yuba College, TEAS exam will be accepted one (1) time per year.  If you wish to take the TEAS Exam a second time within a year, you will need to make an appointment with the Director of Nursing by calling 530-741-6784 and submit the ATI TEAS Exam Remediation/Retest Approval Request form.  Those that took the TEAS at Yuba need only to document the date of the first exam or second approved remediation score and test code, and the Nursing office will print score if taken within the previous 8 months prior to application period.  Otherwise applicant will need to send electronically. 
  2. The 10 year recency policy has been eliminated for the following courses: Applicants will now be able to apply to our program without time limit restrictions for when their prerequisite coursework was completed, granted each course was passed with a "C" or better (GPA requirements for some coursework is 2.5). Penalties for repeated courses 10 years or older will not be applied.
  3. The Director will determine the final selection process for those applying.


Military education and experiences credit: Program Policy 006.2 grants credit for military education and experiences towards nursing courses through evaluation and/or challenge exams. 

Application & Admission Update

Yuba College Nursing program application for Spring 2018 has ended. New dated for Fall 2018 will be posted soon. 

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to submitting an ADN Application. 

All nursing students are required to obtain titers for the following: HEP B, Varicella, MMR.  The results must state "Positive/Immune" or "Reactive" and copies of lab reports are required to be submitted prior to admission.  Contact your primary care provider as immunizations could take up to 6-8 months to complete. 


Application/Admission Process

 All ADN applicants are now evaluated based upon a combination of their academic and personal achievements using a detailed multi-criteria screening process.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Yuba College Nursing program, please continue to work on pre-requisite course completion and it is highly recommended to meet with a Yuba College Counselor to review your progress. To make an appointment with a Counselor call 530-634-7766. The merit-based application and admission process requires all pre-requisite coursework (including NURS 26 - Pharmacology and NURS 36 - Pathophysiology: Understanding Disease) to be completed. Applicants must submit their official TEAS score results with the Yuba College Nursing Department application.

Securing Priority Registration for Pharmacology and Pathophysiology

Due to the high demand for enrollment in NURS 26 (Pharmacology) and NURS 36 (Pathophysiology: Understanding Disease), the Department of Nursing highly recommends students enroll in another Yuba College course in the immediately preceding semester in order to obtain priority registration. Priority registration will significantly increase your chances of getting into these highly desired courses. 

The Department of Nursing also recommends two specific courses: NURS 20 - Introduction to Nursing and NURS 51 - Medical Terminology. NURS 20 is designed to give potential nursing students an overview of current nursing roles, responsibilities, and scope of practice as defined by the Board of Registered Nursing. NURS 51 provides a foundation for the language of medicine, including prefixes, roots, suffixes, and correct pronunciation. These courses can help to facilitate your success in the program and will provide you with priority registration privileges. Please review the Class Schedule for a current list of course offerings.

Current CPR & TB Requirement

Students will not be allowed to start a nursing course without a current CPR and TB clearance in their file. Any student who has not received a recent TB test, or has gone more than 11 months between TB tests, will be required to complete a two-step tuberculin skin test. Please review the program's Health Screening Requirements for more information regarding this requirement.

Introduction to Nursing

Introduction to Nursing (NURS 20),  is now open for enrollment.  This 1 unit course will meet on Monday evenings from 3:00 pm-3:50 pm in room 2131.  Register for section 7497. This course provides and overview of what to expect while in the Nursing Program.  It will be taught by Professor Ruth Tamulonis, Medical-Surgical III Nursing, instructor.