Yuba College Nursing



Securing Priority Registration for Pharmacology and Pathophysiology

Due to the high demand for enrollment in NURS 26 (Pharmacology) and NURS 36 (Pathophysiology: Understanding Disease), the Department of Nursing highly recommends students enroll in another Yuba College course in the immediately preceding semester in order to obtain priority registration. Priority registration will significantly increase your chances of getting into these highly desired courses. 

The Department of Nursing also recommends two specific courses: NURS 20 - Introduction to Nursing and NURS 51 - Medical Terminology. NURS 20 is designed to give potential nursing students an overview of current nursing roles, responsibilities, and scope of practice as defined by the Board of Registered Nursing. NURS 51 provides a foundation for the language of medicine, including prefixes, roots, suffixes, and correct pronunciation. 

Introduction to Nursing

Introduction to Nursing (NURS 20),  is a 1 unit course will meet on Monday evenings from 3:00 pm-3:50 pm in room 2128.  This course provides and overview of what to expect while in the Nursing Program.  It will be taught by Professor Ruth Tamulonis, a current Medical-Surgical instructor in our Nursing Program.