How to Petition the Yuba College Nursing Program

A nursing student has the right to petition the Yuba College Nursing Program for a change or exception to current policy or practice. For example, a student has been given a 10% penalty on his/her exam for taking it late. In this case, the student could petition the program for an exception to waive the penalty. Students may also file a petition to informally rectify a grievance. Re-entry into the program, or a course in the program, will require a petition as well. 

The faculty will review each petition and render a decision once a month at Full Faculty Meetings. Therefore, it is possible for the petition process to take up to 30 days for a decision to be made. Should you have any questions on the petition process, or on what can be petitioned, please contact the Nursing Department at (530) 741-6784. 

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