LVN to RN Pathway (30 Unit Option)

Student must meet with the Director of Nursing by appointment at 530-741-6978 prior to submitting request.  

The LVN to RN pathway (30-Unit Option) is a non-degree nursing education alternative. In accordance with California State Regulation 1429, this option allows the student to be eligible to take the NCLEX and apply for licensure as a registered nurse in California.  However, states other than California may not grant RN licensure based upon the completion of this option. Career laddering to a higher level (BSN, MSN) may also be limited.

If you are planning to apply to the Yuba College LVN to RN Career Ladder program as a 30 unit option track student, you are required to read the Non-Graduate Status Policy and Procedure and sign the 30-Unit Option Disclosure Statement below. Anyone interested in pursuing the 30-Unit Option pathway is encouraged to contact the Nursing Department directly for more information. 

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