LVN to ADN Career Ladder Admission Requirements


Applications for LVN-RN accepted twice a year.  Enrollment is based on space availability.


Entry into LVN-RN program in January (Spring)

Application period opens August 15-September 15 (ending at 1PM).  Application and supporting documents must be submitted on-line by the application deadline.    Mandatory all day orientation is scheduled for the 3rd Friday of November- Be sure to save the date!


Entry into LVN-RN program in August (Fall)

Application period opens February 1st - 28th (ending at 1pm).  Application and supporting documents must be submitted on-line by the application deadline.   Mandatory all day orientation scheduled for the 3rd Friday of April.  Be sure to save the date!

Must submit application to enroll into N37-LVN-RN Bridge course.  Check college schedule of classes for date and time.


Admission Criteria:

Yuba College Nursing utilizes the California Community College Chancellor's Office Admission Formula to evaluate all LVN to ADN Career Ladder applicants.

This formula is calculated based upon a combination of the following factors:

         1.     Cumulative college GPA

         2.     English 1A (or equivalent) course GPA (≥2.50 required)

3.     Core Science (Anatomy, Physiology, & Microbiology)

        GPA (cumulative ≥2.50 required), and

This calculation results in a probability percentage. The higher the percentage, the more likely the student is to complete the program successfully.  

Prerequisite Coursework: Course grades must be posted and all official transcripts must be on file with Admission & Records.

NURS 26 (Pharmacology) is not a required prerequisite course for the LVN to ADN Career Ladder program.

Licensing Verification:

Applicants must submit a copy of  valid California LVN and IV certification with application.

Qualified Applicants:

TEAS results must be submitted with the application. Passing scores ≥62% for the TEAS.  For Students applying at Yuba College- TEAS Exam will be accepted one (1) time per year.   If you wish to take the TEAS Exam a second time within a year, you will need to make an appointment with the Director of Nursing.


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