LVN to RN Chancellor's Admission Score

Yuba College Nursing utilizes the California Community College Chancellor's Office Admission Formula  (Multi-Criteria Screening Process) to evaluate all LVN to ADN Career Ladder applicants.  Updated 3/5/18.

This formula is calculated based upon a combination of the following factors:

          1.     English 1A (or equivalent) course GPA (≥2.50 required)

2.     Core Science (Anatomy, Physiology, & Microbiology)

        GPA (cumulative ≥2.50 required), and

3.     Total number of repeats (W, D, or F grades) in core

        science courses (lowers the admission score)

4.  Pharmacology is not required for LVN to RN admission.


This calculation results in a probability percentage. The higher the percentage, the more likely the student is to complete the program successfully.  No cut score is required to qualify for admission to the LVN to ADN Career Ladder program.

Multi-Criteria Screening Process

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