New Student Start-Up and Estimated Expenses

​In addition to living expenses, standardized examinations, enrollment fees and books, Yuba College Nursing students have several additional program specific costs. These can include, but are not limited to, nursing uniforms, immunizations, CPR certification, nurse pack, supplies (stethoscope, name badge, etc.), and a required physical examination, background check, and drug screen. The following is an estimated breakdown of the minimum start-up costs for a 1st semester student in the Yuba College Nursing program:

Clinical Onboarding


Criminal Background Check

 = $50

Drug Screen

 = $50

Physical Exam

 = $150

Titers, PPD, Immunizations


CPR Certification

 = $100

Registration with student fee and parking

 = $550


 = $1,000

Nurse Pack

 = $110

Uniform & Shoes

 = $325

Name Badge

 = $10

Additional Supplies (stethoscope, watch, etc.)

 = $100







1st semester $2,850; 2nd semester (nurse pack $200, registration and parking $540, online materials and textbooks $600) $1,340; 3rd semester (registration and parking $455, online materials $400, PPD $60, clinical onboarding $55) $970; 4th semester (registration and parking $390, online material $400) $790.

Total estimated cost 1st semester $2,850; 2nd semester $1,340, 3rd semester $970; 4th semester $790.  Total estimated ADN Nursing Program cost= $6,000.

California residents may qualify to have their enrollment fees waived with the Board of Governor’s (BOG) Fee Waiver. Applications and eligibility requirements are available online at There are also several grants and scholarships available to nursing students who meet certain criteria. Students should research all available funding options and begin applying once they have been admitted to the program.

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