Faculty Email


Full-Time Faculty

  • Professor Lynette Garcia - Pediatrics, Pathophysiology, Pharmocology, Assistant Directorlgarcia@yccd.edu
  • Professor Vicki Machado - Fundamentals of Medical Surgical Nursing:  vmachado@yccd.edu
  • Professor Colleen Monahan - Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology:  cmonahan@yccd.edu
  • Professor Sheila Scroggins - Medical Surgical Nursing and Pathophysiology: sscroggi@yccd.edu
  • Professor Clark Smith - Director Of Allied Health, and Pharmacology instructor:  csmith@yccd.edu
  • Dr. Roxanne Snyder - Mental Health Nursing:  rsnyder@yccd.edu
  • Professor Ruth Tamulonis - Medical Surgical Nursing:  rtamulon@yccd.edu
  • Professor Angela Kreider- Obstetrical Nursing: akreider@yccd.edu

 Adjunct Faculty

  • Alyson Dingler: Fundamentals of Nursing and Medical Surgical Nursing III
  • Ellen Chan: Medical Surgical Nursing II
  • Dianna Patterson: Fundamentals of Nursing and Medical Surgical Nursing I
  • Sat Ark: Medical Surgical II
  • Mai Ngo: Medical-Surgical IV
  • Sarah Belmonte: Medical-Surgical IV
  • Cheryl Gutierez: Medical-Surgical Nursing IV
  • Ho Le: Medical-Surgical Nursing IV
  • Karena Paulsen: Medical-Surgical I

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