LVN to RN Chancellor's Admission Score

Yuba College Nursing utilizes the California Community College Chancellor's Office Admission Formula  (Multi-Criteria Screening Process) to evaluate all LVN to ADN Career Ladder applicants.

This formula is calculated based upon a combination of the following factors:

       1.     English 1A (or equivalent) course GPA (≥2.50 required)

2.     Core Science (Anatomy, Physiology, & Microbiology)

        GPA (cumulative ≥2.50 required), and

3.     Total number of repeats (W, D, or F grades) in core

        science courses (lowers the admission score)

This calculation results in a probability percentage. The higher the percentage, the more likely the student is to complete the program successfully.  Applicants must score ≥47% to qualify for admission to the LVN to ADN Career Ladder program.

Multi-Criteria Screening Process

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